Msolve Program

Martrikz is a marketing and Sales consultancy outfit formed on the premise of delivering results impacting growth and revenues. While on this journey of delivering results, M-solve was formed. Martrikz very strongly believes in doing the basics right and ensure that the Sales fundamentals have to be adhered to, to ensure that organization is being steered right.

It was Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist and founder of Garage Technology Ventures in Silicon Valley, who said that growing sales fixes everything. This is true, and sales growth provides the basis for a sustainable business. So the question is ,– how does the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) deliver sales? The answer includes a combination of things, most importantly, having a robust customer-driven sales strategy and executing it well, and sales-focused leadership and management practices.

We at Martrikz have identified the seven essential building blocks that must come together like members of an orchestra to produce great music. This is true for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer selling.

The imperative building-blocks are:

  • Clear business goal
  • The cornerstone of a successful sales strategy is knowing your sales goal, that is to define the short term and long term.


  • A deep understanding of the target customer group
  • Choosing the target customer and understanding what is of value to them is an important step in developing a successful sales strategy. Here it is important to take Kipling’s advice and use the help of the ‘six honest-serving men’… whose names are what, when, where, how, why and who.


  • Powerful sales value proposition
  • Statement of benefits which fulfills the need and creates value to the customer.

  • Strong competitive advantages
  • SWOT most important and the need to internalize it
  • Clear route to the target customer market
  • How do you reach and sell to your customers? Is it afield-based sales team, telesales or trade shows/exhibitions and similar events? Going direct is a model used by many manufacturers and, of course, retailers
  • Defined sales process, solid execution and excellent customer service
  • An important part of the selling process is face-to-face engagement
  • The fundamentals of winning and keeping customers 
  • The moments of truth when an employee meets/talks to a customer are not being identified
  • Properly managed there is no reward system by which the SME rewards the employee for delivering excellent
  • To ensure that these building blocks find their way into the market, Msolve™ has emerged into a Hi Growth Accelerator program.


What really is Msolve™

MSolve™-  A Hi Growth Accelerator program

MSolve™ is a proprietary product created by Martrikz for our various customers to optimize their sales infrastructure. The product works beautifully helping optimization of  sales by improving  productivity, reducing  sales and operating costs and thereby directly impacting margins/profits. Martrikz has customers from varying categories but also has a pool of customers from one single category with non- conflicting products range. The MSolve™ product can work for this pool of customers through shared resources.


Msolve™ comprises of:

  • A pool of skilled resources
  • Trained with an aptitude to sell
  • Can grasp product knowledge
  • Has the ability to cross sell
  • Pitches different products to the same channel partner
  • Goes by the script with the value proposition for the trade

The MSolve™ methodology:

Primary Deliverables

  • Experienced Industry resource hired
  • Trained across product streams
  • KRA’s defined to drive  growth and revenue
  • Optimized and structured beat plan for effective reach


  • Brand elevation
  • Uniformity in approach
  • Positive impact on Costs
  • Incentives/ margin to trade to  be healthier

Now with MSolve™, Connect to your customers in a whole new way. Build  meaningful and lasting relationships - understand their needs, identify new opportunities to enable, address problems and deploy customer focused solutions.


MSolve™- The new way to Sell

Now with Msolve™, you can market, sell & service like never before.