Our Clients

A glimpse of some of Martrikz’s key engagements—clients with whom our partnership continues to gain momentum:

A Bangalore-based IT major

Martrikz is a trusted partner of a Bangalore based IT major, to help enhance employee pride and brand loyalty, and create a heightened sense of belonging to the organization. The requirement was intelligent, impactful engagement tools that could help keep employees highly motivated and excited about the work they do. 

Our approach was to help create and showcase a team of high-energy, well-rewarded performers, using a two-fold strategy. On the one hand, we have deployed a do-it-yourself (DIY) model, which includes events, knowledge-sharing, best-practice workshops, and so on. Meanwhile, to support the recruiting team, we have created two corporate films that showcase the company as all-inclusive, employee-friendly, and a great place to work.

A retailer in the mobile space

This client wanted to create a mobile-based solution that could enable Banking and Payments for consumers at retail points. The intent is to be able to align with the broader vision of financial inclusion across the country.  The requirement was to create the right positioning plank and build the brand across the retail domain.

Martrikz works very closely with the internal team in handling their communication. Our expertise helps remove the stress of dealing with communication clutter. We help analyze and simplify the marketing communications process end-to-end—identifying process gaps, marking opportunities to streamline and quicken turnaround, remove content and process duplication, repurposing of marketing assets, and so on. This creates significant savings in terms of man hours, quicker process turnaround, leaner workflows, and lower costs—all while it allows the client to focus on their core business goals.

Martrikz works towards targeting both the direct and indirect customers, focusing on the four strategic pillars:

  • Identifying the need 
  • Culling out the consumer segment
  • Create the right proposition
  • Communicating it simply yet powerfully

An automobile giant with varied businesses

This client wanted to promote its range of automotive filters, a new offering which was struggling in its segment. The component category had not yet been able to capitalize on the brand value of its mother brand. The requirement was to be able to align the marketing of filters under the mother brand and drive brand value in its segment.

The Martrikz solution includes a two-pronged pan-India engagement designed to create awareness for the filters category, thereby establishing and strengthening its position in a very price driven market. Our rigorous, deep analysis process gave rise to the creation of a robust communications strategy and a highly effective campaign, which resulted in 28 percent growth across the client’s South India share of market.
Continuing the momentum, Martrikz has appointed a dedicated sales force and rolled out a high-powered demand generation program. The program focuses on implementing and improving the beat plan, raising the brand quotient, seamless rollout of merchandise, smooth replenishing of stocks, sharp monitoring of counter share, and increasing market presence.

  • Carve out a scientific beat plan
  • Up the brand quotient
  • Roll out of merchandise
  • Monitor counter share
  • Up the market share
  • Replenish stocks

Natural aquatic habitats

This client deals in landscaping and habitat aesthetics, and caters to discerning, high-profile clients such as Vijay Kirloskar, prominent industrialist, and former Indian cricket players Rahul Dravid and Venkatesh Prasad. Martrikz partnered in creating a successful business launch at Pune, targeting industry leaders in the architecture and landscaping design space.

In this case, Martrikz focused on value-based marketing created around enhancing lifestyles with applied aesthetics that were not only visually beautiful, but which also highlights the opportunity to shoulder the responsibilities of contributing to a healthy and revitalized environment.
World-class infrastructure and warehousing

A company engaged in the domain of Logistics and Warehousing solutions:

Martrikz partnered with this company in executing an end-to-end re-branding exercise, equipping it to tap the large enterprise segment. The re-branding helped re-position themselves as an enterprise-level storage solutions partner to large organizations such as Urban Ladder, Jockey, Madura Garments, and so on. This company has now evolved from just manufacturing storage racks, to become a provider of complete warehousing solutions to clients of just about any size in the country.