About Us

Company Profile

Martrikz is an agile organization driven by the passion to provide a result-oriented gamut of scientific marketing solutions that can help propel your business toward its goals. 

We work with clearly defined metrics that translate into tangible results for clients like you.

Martrikz’s different verticals are headed by professionals with over 100 years of combined sales and marketing experience in IT, Telecom, Retail, Automobile, Lifestyle, and other areas.

Once upon a time, Martrikz

At Martrikz, we believe that the ever-changing market landscape demands that today’s organizations are highly tuned in to the absolute latest insights, tools, and technologies that help their customers’ businesses keep pace with rapid and frequent change. We believe that a clear futuristic vision, adaptability, flexibility, and the right skill set are some of the prerequisites that your business demands from a trusted partner. It is from these strengths that Martrikz gets its name. 

The Martrikz executive team comprises:

Arveen Chandhoke – Chief Executive

An Innovative thinker with proven managerial, organizational, and leadership skills, Arveen is highly result-driven. She has an impeccable track record of delivering consistent and impressive business outcomes through strategic initiatives, complimentary partnerships, and clinical execution. Arveen’s areas of expertise include mega business/marketing launches, BusOps, driving revenues, accelerating business growth, and identifying new and niche markets. She also has deep experience in managing P&L and budgets, leading and nurturing teams, and change management.  Arveen’s experience in telecom, media, and retail domains comes from working with companies such as Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Retail, WorldSpace, and Sistema Shyam (MTS).

Kuldeep Singh – Head, Operations

Kuldeep is an accomplished Sales & Distribution Management professional with 25 years of experience. He offers specific expertise in sales and distribution channels management and the development of highly productive business relationships. He has demonstrated success by establishing highly profitable sales and marketing channels, and back-office operations that optimize efficiency and profits. Kuldeep has effected significant positive change for every company he has been associated with, by growing revenue, reducing expenses, and expanding brand/product reach.

Select accomplishments delivered over the last decade of his career include:

  • Setting up and expansion of sales and distribution model
  • Developing efficient MIS system for Bharti Airtel Karnataka circle
  • Sahara India and many more companies.

A B Sunil Kumar – Head- Accounts

Sunil has diverse financial experience of over 15 years across industries ranging, from retail to manufacturing. Sunil is a very tech-savvy accounts professional with the ability to generate out-of-the-box financial solutions and apply to resolve organizational issues.

Our Belief

The Story of Martrikz:

The clients we currently support strongly believe that we are driven more by scientific insight, rather than going the distance based on gut feel alone. Any marketing program we undertake is initiated only when the roadmap to the outcome has been evaluated and the desired results agreed upon by you. When we partner with you, we work towards creating opportunities for accelerating growth and increasing return on your investment.